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COVID sanitising glasses frames.

Choosing new glasses in a COVID-safe optometrist practice

Your health and safety is paramount to all of us at The Eye Practice. So we've invested in a UV germicidal lamp to disinfect our luxury designer fashion frames and sunglasses.

By Published On: 30 October 20201.9 min read

Shopping has changed, perhaps for the long-term, in the COVID-normal environment. But how can you minimise your risk of exposure to airborne germs in a COVID-safe optometrist practice when shopping for your new glasses and sunglasses?

UVGI – the new standard in COVID-safe optometry practice

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Eye Practice has changed the way we examine your eyes and help you find the perfect frame. Hand sanitation, the use of face masks and several other COVID-safe strategies are in use to minimise the spread of pathogens.

One dilemma we faced was how to effectively disinfect eye wear. Especially when some people try on many frames in their search for the perfect pair. And particularly when many of our patients are elderly and in the high-risk category when it comes to COVID-19.

Then we discovered Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (or UVGI). This technology uses UV light of certain frequencies to kill COVID-19 in a matter of seconds.

COVID-safe optometrist: every client, every frame

The Eye Practice has invested in a UV germicidal lamp to disinfect our luxury designer fashion frames and sunglasses. This device efficiently and safely inactivates airborne viruses – including COVID-19. 90 seconds later, they are rid of any viruses or other pathogens.  So, you can relax in the knowledge that every frame you try on is clean and safe to touch.

UVGI UVC disinfection germicide lamp

How it works

UV light comes in a range of wavelengths. You may be familiar with UVA light, which is responsible for ageing. Or UVB light which can cause sunburn and cancer. But you may not be familiar with UVC light, which has even shorter wavelengths. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses cannot survive exposure to UVC light. It is strongly absorbed by their DNA and RNA, so they are unable to multiply or infect, and are quickly inactivated.

UV disinfection technology has been used since the mid 20th century in sanitation and waste water. (UV light was even used in public schools to effectively reduce the spread of measles among students!)  It is now enjoyed renewed interest as an effective way to deactivate COVID-19.

Ultra Violet Germidical Irradiation UVGI

Worried about getting your eyes tested during the pandemic? Call The Eye Practice on (02) 9290 1899 and let’s talk about our COVID-19 safe practice.


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