Zeus+Dione – has been named after the parents of the ancient Greek Goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth.  A unique interpretation of myth and tradition is the main characteristic of this collection of glasses.  The Greek letter, Delta Δ, is a predominant undertone of the brand, alluding to spirituality, harmony and creativity. Each new collection always has aspects of Greek ancient culture.

Beyond symbolism, Zeus+Dione’s optical collection is influenced by minimal structures, geometry and precision, all of which are elements prevalent in classical Greek architecture & design.

This eyewear collection is relatively new, as the brand first began as a fashion label. At the core of this brand, are clean and minimal lines which add an element of complexity to the air of timeless simplicity.

Zeus+Dione do not use embellishments on their frames, because they do not need to. The angular shapes are enough to make them stand out in the crowded market of oprical frames. Bold colours, mottled tortoise shells and transtional tones make each and every frame unique.

The presentation of each of these beautiful frames is a triangular case because this shape represents the delta, Δ of the label.

At The Eye Practice we are always seeking out quality hand made eywear with an edge. Zeus+Dione does not disappoint. The brand is loved by or patients and has become on of our most popular brands. Learn more at the Zeus+Dione website.