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Avulux lenses for migraine.

Avulux lenses to treat migraine in Sydney

Relief for Sydney migraine sufferers with new Avulux lenses. Up to 90% of wears say the lenses help them through their day.

About Avulux lenses

Avulux lenses are an innovative, science-based migraine treatment¹ which is now available for migraine sufferers in Sydney. The lenses work by filtering out 97% of the light wavelengths known to trigger migraines.

Avulux lenses provide relief from light sensitivity by specifically targeting blue, red and amber light while soothing green light. This can reduce light sensitivity while keeping great visual clarity.

It’s worth noting that Avulux lenses are available as non-prescription or prescription lenses.

Avulux FAQS

Avulux lenses are special optical lenses designed to filter out glare and the light that can trigger a migraine.

No, Avulux lenses are not prescription only. In fact, anyone can get Avulux lenses, no matter what their vision is like.

Yes, fitting Avulux lenses to existing frames is possible.

Surveys suggest that 90% of wearers find Avulux helps them through their days.

The Eye Practice supply Avulux lenses to migraine sufferers in Sydney.

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Migraine glasses to reduce Sydney’s glare

You can reduce the glare in Sydney, as well as certain types of light, with special migraine glasses by Avulux. They can help minimise the onset of migraine in lots of people.

The link between eyes and migraines

Migraines transcend the realm of mere headaches. Indeed, they are complex neurological events; and beyond the awful pain of a migraine lies a web of symptoms, many of which are related to the eyes.

For instance, a common cause of migraine is light sensitivity (photophobia). So too is visual disturbance (aura), blurred vision and dizziness.

Photophobia, or sensitivity to light, causes migraine pain and often worsens symptoms. In fact, research suggests that up to 60% of migraine attacks are caused by light or glare.

Avulux lenses for migraine sufferers in Sydney

Understanding the relationship between light and migraine has enabled the development of Avulux lenses. Indeed, with the advent of Avulux lenses Sydney-based patients can now reduce light sensitivity and enhance their overall quality of life.

However, Avulux lenses for migraine should be used as part of a wider management approach. This includes a comprehensive eye examination, as well as lifestyle changes, hydration, stress management and medication. Not to mention seeing a migraine specialist.

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  1. Migraine photophobia originating in cone-driven retinal pathways, Brain, Volume 139, Issue 7, July 2016, Pages 1971–1986: Rodrigo Noseda, Carolyn A. Bernstein, Rony-Reuven Nir, Alice J. Lee, Anne B. Fulton, Suzanne M. Bertisch, Alexandra Hovaguimian, Dean M. Cestari, Rodrigo Saavedra-Walker, David Borsook, Bruce L. Doran, Catherine Buettner, Rami Burstein,

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