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Designer eye glasses in Sydney.

Choosing the right pair of glasses to suit your lifestyle cane be a challenge.

The Eye Practice is always at the forefront of fashion offering you an extensive range of the latest designer frames.

With brands such as Lindberg, Porsche Design, Tom Ford, Dita and many more we can make the frame selection process not only simple but fun, as well.

Our professional frame stylists are here to help you choose frames that suit your individual personality and lifestyle and to ensure that your glasses fit comfortably providing you with the clearest vision possible.

We now offer a Bespoke service. This is unique in Australia.

Think about it.  We all think carefully about what we wear.  Our jewellery, our clothes or our shoes are often carefully selected and often customised.  The reality though is that the first place someone will look at us is in fact our eyes.

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Glasses need to match our complexion, our hair style, our jewellery and clothes but also fit perfectly.

By Bespoking or customising our glasses we can complete the look that you are looking for.  Often off the shelf glasses can be just as expensive as a bespoke pair and not even fit very well.  Would you put up with a pair of shoes that do not fit?  Why is it that many people choose glasses that do not fit and are constantly irritating their and ears and nose or slipping annoyingly down their face?  We do not allow this to occur at The Eye Practice Optometrists.

We are constantly up-dating our designer range with fresh brands such as Dita, Paul Taylor, IC Berlin, Lindberg and Anne Et Valentin. If you are looking for eye wear that let’s you stand out in the crowd and show off your personality, we have the frames for you.

Eye wear should be worn as a fashion accessory as much as it it a visual aid. Coordinate your eye wear just as you do your shoes and handbags!

Visit The Eye Practice for a new look today or book online. Our current collections include frames from:

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It’s no surprise that Taylor’s enchanting eyewear has gained an almost cult following – from celebrities and fellow artists to his loyal customers in Australia and abroad. His clients are as diverse and unique as his designs!

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The Rodenstock brand stands for technologically demanding products of exceptional quality. For at Rodenstock we constantly ask ourselves: how can we make wearing spectacles even more pleasant, lighter, simpler and more comfortable? This attitude gives rise to innovative product solutions – which meet demands for the highest precision.

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Ted Baker believe a frame should not only flatter and complement, but express who you really are.

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Tom Ford offers an expanding range of styles in their collection of frames. They have shapes to suit everyone, from Tom Ford geek glasses, Tom Ford round eye glasses and Tom Ford cat eye glasses.

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