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Linda FarrowGlasses.

Linda Farrow Glasses

The World's most exclusive eyewear.

Linda Farrow glasses are, timeless in design, uncompromising in quality, luxurious, high fashion and vintage.

The Linda Farrow brand is very much about collaborating with some of the worlds most acclaimed designers of our time. These designers include, Jeremy Scott, Phillip Lim, The Row and Alexander Wang, to name a few. As a result of these collaborations, the brand is in a position to constantly recreate itself.

In 1970, Linda Farrow designed the collection drawing from her experience as a fashion designer. As a result, the frames also have that high fashion look.

She saw eyewear as a fashion accessory and treated eyewear as a as such. This has in turn allowed for the brand to create eyewear accessories to hang off the glasses.

Her knowledge of fashion and design quickly caught the attention of the high fashion world. Magazines around the world feature celebrities wearing Linda Farrow glasses.

Classic Linda Farrow design focuses on meticulous detailing, striking designs and nods to the 1970s London heritage.

Creating timeless pieces to suit any wardrobe, Linda Farrow manges to stay unique and fresh.

Seen wearing Linda Farrow…

Linda Farrow eyewear is often seen on celebrities like, Rhianna, Olivia Culpo, Kate Moss, Adele, and Beyonce, just to name a few.

Oversized glasses and sunglasses to compliment every face shape is all a part of the brands statement.

These are not simply glasses, they are jewellery for the face.

Linda Farrow glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory.

Learn more from Linda Farrow website.

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