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Soft contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses

Top tips for insertion, removal and cleaning.

Soft contact lenses are the world’s most popular, especially when they come in daily disposable form. There is something about putting a fresh pair of lenses in your eyes everyday that appeals to many people, not to mention the reduced risk of eye infections.

Insertion of soft contact lenses

Setting up the lens correctly on your fingertip is key to successful insertion of soft contact lenses. The following video shows how to do this.  (Please excuse the ad at the start. You can skip it after a couple of seconds but we believe this is an excellent educational video on inserting soft contact lenses).

Removal of soft contact lenses

If you can’t get them in, it’s not the end of the world, but if you can’t get them OUT, you’re in trouble!  This youtube video shows a range of techniques for removal.

Cleaning soft contact lenses

As with other contact lenses, our first choice for overnight disinfection is a 3% peroxide system such as AOSEPT or OXYSEPT. These are tough on germs and very gentle on eyes. Once disinfection is complete (after 6 hours) the solution is reduced to sterile, non-preserved water. There is nothing purer you can put in your eye.

We do not generally recommend all-in-one solutions which contain preservatives as well as cleaning agents, both of which can be toxic to the eye.

However, we do recognise that for some circumstances (such as travel), all-in-one solutions can be handy, and in these cases we recommend BioTrue, which has been developed to work like your own tears and presents very little risk of irritation.

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Hard contact lenses

Hard contact lenses (also called RGPs) often provide clearer vision than soft lenses.

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