Using contact lenses treat childhood myopia

Multifocal contact lenses are a recognised treatment for myopia in children. These myopia-specific, soft contact lenses are designed for younger eyes.

Indeed, they have undergone rigorous clinical studies in children. Some recent studies have shown soft multifocal contact lenses resulted in a 50% reduction in the progression of myopia in children.

Myopia contact lens FAQs

Yes, numerous studies have proven the safety of multifocual contact lenses.

No, they are inexpensive as well as being disposable.

No, most children with myopia will not need to wear glasses as well as contact lenses.

The lenses are usually worn during the day, then removed in the evening.

Soft and comfortable

These lenses for treating myopia in children are soft as well as being comfortable to wear.

How myopia contact lenses work

Myopia contact lenses are soft, with two portions – a central part as well as an outer rim.

The central part focuses light directly on the retina which makes distance vision clear. The outer portion uses high-add power to focus light in front of the retina.

Researchers believe this prompts the eye to slow its growth, so slowing the progression of myopia.

What are the best myopia contact lenses?

There are various contact lenses for treating myopia in children, however at The Eye Practice we recommend NaturalVue lenses. These lenses are especially made to control myopia in youngsters.

Clinical studies of NaturalVue lenses have shown great promise. Remarkably, those studies have revealed the lenses not only slow down (or halt) the progression of myopia, they can even reverse it!

NaturalVue lenses are disposable. What’s more they are inexpensive; each lens costs approximately $2.