ic! berlin – light, flexible, screwless and certainly designed to last. These sunglasses are handmade in Germany in the company’s own state of the art factory.

Aside from their world famous feather light metal frames, ic! berlin’s sunglass portfolio includes acetate, 3D printed and buffalo horn eyewear. Of course, all feature the famous and revolutionary screwless hinge.

Driven by the city’s heritage of individuality and creativity, ic! berlin draws inspiration from  the contemporary, edgy and carefree aura of the street of Berlin.

On average, a pair of ic! berlin sunglasses weighs 20 grams! In addition to that, every frame has the click in/ click out hinge system, giving every frame great flexibilty.

The sunglass collection is unisex, effortless, luxurious and edgy.

The ic! berlin brand was founded by Ralph Anderl in 1996,and since that time the design firm has grown globally. The collection is constantly updated with frame shapes including round, oval, square, cat’s eye and hexagonal, just to name a few.

But don’t just take our word for it, come in and see the collection today. Learn more at the ic! berlin website.