ic! berlin glasses are designed with passion and engineered and crafted in Germany using the highest quality materials in Berlin. Tired of screws coming loose on your glasses, then ic! berlin is what you need.

ic! berlin is designed with an ingenious interlocking hinge, which holds frame and temples together with a removable clip. No glue, no screws, ic! berlin glasses are pure design.  ic! berlin produces pure, clean award winning designs for everyday and extraordinary showpieces for that once in a lifetime.

The face and founder of ic! berlin is Ralph Anderl, not only designs amazing eye wear, but describes himself as an artist, chef and singer. His love for the brand shines through in his design, and in his total involvement. “To live our vision was, is and always will be one of the most important aims of ic! berlin, as we continue to live life with open eyes and recognise the new. And we will as in the past target interesting, open minded individuals who aren’t afraid to strike out in new directions,” Ralph Anderl emaphasizes.

Since 1996, ic! berlin has been producing glasses for men, women and children. Light weight and comfortable, it is an easy choice for eyewear.

ic! berlin was born from a desire to create quality eye wear that people of all ages could enjoy. Unique in design. Handmade. Always functional. Harmoniously balanced.

ic! berlin Classic collection.

The original collection that paved the way for the futre of the brand. Unique and understated.

ic! berlin Horn Collection.

This collection breaks new ground, defies convention and captures the imagination with their buffalo horn glasses.

ic! berlin Silk collection.

This collection is the lightest and thinnest of all ic! berlin glasses.  The silk collection also features the second generation no screw hinge.

Come in to and see the ic! berlin glasses that we have at The Eye Practice today. Learn more at the  ic! berlin website.