Laser Eye Surgery

As techniques and methods of refractive laser eye surgery evolve, an increasing number of people are exploring this option.

Every refractive eye laser surgery patient needs ongoing eye care to maintain ocular health throughout their lives.

Many patients still require spectacles or contact lenses following surgery and most patients will require some form of vision correction for reading as they enter their 40’s.

The Eye Practice offers comprehensive assessments to determine your suitability for refractive laser eye surgery and where appropriate, we will refer you to a surgeon that is achieving the most consistent results.

Whilst we maintain a conservative view to refractive laser eye surgery, we are happy to discuss our clinical and anecdotal experience.

Several new techniques are now being performed by Australian surgeons, who promise better results for higher prescriptions and less pain.

If you are considering refractive laser eye surgery, please book an eye exam using our online booking system above to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Choose the Laser Vision Correction option and then fill out a booking form.