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Sydney’s leading optometrist

The Eye Practice is the leading optometrist in Sydney for the treatment of complex eye conditions


The Eye Practice has over 30 years of expertise in managing keratoconus, a condition which causes blurred vision and irregular astigmatism. While there is no cure yet, we excel in effectively managing it.

Dry eye

The number of people suffering from dry eyes has increased significantly in recent years. At The Eye Practice our expert optometrists can help you manage your dry eye issues.

Eye strain

The symptoms of eye strain, also known as asthenopia, include aching, fatigued or weak feeling eyes. Treatment usually involves wearing supportive glasses, performing eye exercises or even starting dry eye therapy.

Contact lenses

Our optometrists are experts in contact lenses. We use the most advanced technology to determine the specific contact lenses that will provide you with optimal vision and comfort.


Research has shown that certain myopia treatment strategies can delay or slow myopia. It’s good news and it also helps reduce the risk of getting an eye disease in the future.


The lenses in our glasses are made especially for you. They are expertly focused to maximise visual acuity and paired with the perfect frames. Get the look that suits you at The Eye Practice.

Your vision is our passion

The best optometrist care in Sydney

Our expert optometrists care for your most precious sense, your vision. They specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus, dry eye disease and other complex eye conditions. They are also experts in fitting contact lenses as well as general comprehensive eye tests.

Indeed, our optometrists have decades of experience and our clinic is fitted with the latest eye-care technology.

We are passionate about protecting your vision, so book a comprehensive eye test and discover The Eye Practice difference.

Patient stories

The Eye Practice are contact lens specialists.
Choose from our range of designer glasses frames.

Eye care news

Our optometrists use the latest technology.
We diagnose and treat complex eye conditions.

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