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Avulux helped me manage migraines better

Avulux glasses have given me the reassurance that, should a migraine strike, I can manage its symptoms.

By Published On: 9 May 20241.2 min read

Since contracting Covid in 2021, I’ve grappled with migraines, particularly vestibular migraines that persisted for days or even weeks at a stretch. These episodes brought along a barrage of symptoms: searing head pain, heightened sensitivity to light and sound, chronic fatigue, and most debilitating of all, intense dizziness. This vertigo rendered me incapable of carrying out simple daily tasks, forcing me to take extended periods off work and ultimately transitioning to a part-time schedule.

Over the span of two years, I explored a myriad of treatments, yet none provided the relief I required. Then, in 2023, I was fortunate enough to receive a trial pair of Avulux spectacles. To my surprise, they offered a remarkable respite. Paired with my prescribed lenses and a regimen of migraine-specific Botox injections, I finally gained control over my migraines. While the Botox has notably reduced the frequency of my migraines, the Avulux lenses have proven invaluable when attacks do occur. They notably alleviate my dizziness and sensitivity to light, allowing me to navigate through the storm of symptoms with greater ease.

Having relied on these aids for a year now, they have become indispensable to me. They’ve granted me the reassurance that, should a migraine strike, I possess the means to manage its symptoms effectively enough to persevere with my daily routines. With this newfound stability, I’ve joyfully returned to full-time work, grateful for the reprieve these treatments have afforded me.


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