About dry eye symptoms

Gritty, irritated or itchy eyes are just some of the dry eyes symptoms. There can also be redness as well as flaky eyelids. On some occasions blurred vision can even be a symptom.

The symptoms of dry eyes syndrome include:

  • Grittiness.
  • Itching, especially in the corners of the eyes.
  • Stinging or burning eyes.
  • Redness of the eyes.
  • Flaky, crusted eye lids.
  • Sticky mucus around the eyelids, especially after sleep.
  • Tired eyes.
  • Occasional blurred vision.

The symptoms can be either mild or severe. Sometimes the pain or irritation of dry eyes can cause people to feel irritable, frustrated or anxious. It can even cause people experiencing difficulty functioning in everyday life.

Complications can also develop. These can include a worsening of dry eye symptoms like eye redness or painful eyes. In addition, people can experience light sensitivity and deterioration of eyesight.

Will dry eye symptoms go away on their own?

Dry eye symptoms usually don’t go away unless they are treated. This is because most symptoms indicate that there is a problem with the glands that make tears.

Unless the cause of dry eyes symptoms is identified and interventions are made, the problem is not likely to go away. Dry eyes treatments include lifestyle changes as well as non-invasive procedures designed to improve tear production.

Assessing dry eyes symptoms

The symptoms of dry eyes are common to some other eye conditions. Also, not all of the symptoms occur at once. So it is important to see an optometrist for a dry eye assessment in order to get the right diagnosis.

You should visit your optometrist if you have suffered one or more dry eye symptoms continuously for more than a few weeks.

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