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Ortho-k contact lenses are used for myopia.

Ortho-k treatment in Sydney

Our optometrists recommend ortho-k contact lens treatment for myopia. Worn at night, the lenses gently reshape the eye to improve distance vision.

The Eye Practice in Sydney is a leading provider of ortho-k (clinically known as orthokeratology), a safe and non-invasive myopia treatment that can help you see more clearly.

What is ortho-k?

Ortho-k is a myopia treatment that uses custom-made contact lenses to temporarily reshape the front of the eye to improve vision.

Ortho-k contact lenses are usually worn overnight. While asleep they gently correct the shape of the cornea. Next morning the orthot-k lenses are taken out, leaving you with clear distance vision.

Treatment using ortho-k lenses is non-invasive and completely reversible. It is suitable for both children and adults, although it is most effective for children who have myopia.

Ortho-k FAQs

No, the vision improvement is only temporary. Indeed, the effect wears off after about a day or two.

Yes. It is a proven method of reducing the rate at which myopia worsens.

Children as young as 8 years of age can have ortho-k treatment.

There is a slightly higher risk of complications like eye infections by comparison with people who don’t wear contact lenses.

About ortho-k contact lenses

Ortho-k treatment uses hard contact lenses. These are tailor-made specifically for each patient, moulding the surface of the eye to a new shape when worn. They are usually worn each night (or every second night) and removed first thing in the morning.

Like all hard contact lenses, they need cleaning and storing after use.

Where to get ortho-k in Sydney

Our Sydney optometrists are experts in ortho-k treatment. They recommend it for improving vision without the need for expensive eye surgery. What’s more, our optometrists will explain that the treatment does not perminently change the cornea. Indeed, your eye will return to its original shape after a few weeks.

Another benefit of ortho-k treatment at The Eye Practice is that it is one of the most effective ways to control myopia. Myopia control with ortho-k reduces the progression of the condition in children, teenagers and young adults.

Ortho-k offers freedom from glasses and the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day. It is also a great option anytime glasses or contact lenses become a nuisance, like when swimming, playing sport, or when working in dusty environments.

In addition, beacuse patients no longer need to wear contact lenses during the day they experience less eye irritation and dry-eye.

Getting ortho-k in Sydney

At The Eye Practice there are several steps involved in fitting someone with ortho-k contact lenses for myopia:

Initial consultation

An initial consultation at The Eye Practice determines if ortho-k is right for you. This involves mapping the shape of the cornea, as well as a complete eye test.


You will then return our Sydney optometrist clinic for a contact lens fitting to find the perfect lens for their eye.

Learning to put in ortho-k lenses

You learn how to insert, remove and clean the lenses with the help of our optometrist.


Finally, you return to see our friendly optometrists after wearing ortho-k lenses for a week. At that time measurements are taken to see how effective the lenses are and if they need tweaking for better effect.

Learn more about myopia

Eye diseases caused by myopia

Myopia can cause eye disease like cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment. It happens when the eye elongates, stretching delicate tissues.

Ortho-K lenses

Ortho k lenses are a special kind of hard contact lens worn at night to reduce, eliminate or prevent myopia.

Myopia contact lenses

The Eye Practice in Sydney use contact lenses to treat childhood myopia. These lenses can slow, halt or even reverse myopia.

Myopia treatment in Sydney

Our optometrists can treat myopia, or short-sightedness, effectively. Indeed, early treatment can even stop myopia getting worse.

Ortho-k treatment in Sydney

Our optometrists recommend ortho-k contact lens treatment for myopia. Worn at night, the lenses gently reshape the eye to improve distance vision.

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