Dita is a luxury eye wear label, that oozes elegance. They takes the iconic frame shapes of the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and brings them back with a modern day twist. Models include:

Dita Mach-Five

Drawing inspiration from modern super cars, and ultra fast speed. Mach-Five features an array of gorgeous details including titanium temples and eye rims etched with Dita’s iconic diamond pattern, a titanium mesh bridge – bringing the grille designs of super cars in.

Dita Creature

Seductive, glamorous and iconic. The smooth flow of the old Hollywood cat-eye has evolved into a more aggressive angular form in the way of the Creature.

Dita Spacecraft

Drawing inspiration from the world of aviation and the science fiction films of the 1920’s to 1940’s, Spacecraft is a frame that celebrates the past, present and future of flight and exploration.

Dita Statesman-Five

The “Statesman” is a frame celebrating Hollywood’s Golden Age of creativity, contention, and timeless, iconic style. The Statesman-Five draws inspiration from the advances in technical cinematography.

Dita sunglasses are highly engineered using Japanese acetates and titanium and finished in rich yellow, white and rose gold. Hand made, each Dita frame can take up to 320 separate production steps, and up to 8 months to manufacture.

An eye wear brand that delivers on design, exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials, inspirational design and pure exclusivity. To wear Dita is to wear genuine luxury.