Anne et Valentin sunglasses make a statement like no other luxury eye wear brand. Featuring geometric shapes in a stunning range of colours, these sunglasses have attitude.

The brand was created by a couple of opticians from Toulouse in France, who were looking for graphic, original frames for their friends. Not finding what they were looking for, they created their own and have never looked back.

Anne et Valentin stand out from the crowd.

This collection of sunglasses is for the cheeky, the serious, the mysterious and the free spirited.

Being opticians first, the designers understand the finer concepts of frame design and fitting. They constantly find ways to redefine the lines, shapes and forms creating art for the face.

Subtle colours for bold shapes and bold colours for subtle and soft shapes, there is something for everyone.  These sunglasses will get noticed and complimented by all who see them, because Anne et Valentin’s,  are more than just glasses.

They are a fashion statement and become a part of how the world sees you. You are making a statement about who you are and who you want to be.

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Learn more at the Anne et Valentin website.