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  • Prescription glasses.

Prescription lenses

Prescription glasses are like a made-to-measure suit.

Choosing the appropriate lens design is where things can become very confusing.  There are many different brands, designs and coatings to choose from.  This is where optometrists and optical dispensers excel.  Part of their expertise is in matching the best possible lens design to your unique requirements. Sometimes this may mean more than one pair of glasses is required, especially if you work in an office environment.

The perfect pair of glasses is custom made specifically for the individual to maximise both vision and comfort.  There are many lens designs that you can choose from, depending on your unique needs.

The most important aspect of eyeglasses is that they allow us to see. After all why do we choose to wear eyeglasses to begin with?  Having the right lenses prescribed is the first step towards that perfect pair of glasses. You optometrist will measure your eyes carefully to arrive at the best possible correction for you.

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