Zeus+Dione sunglasses was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces
that go beyond tradition, exceptional quality and fashion

Each piece is innovative, yet classical, contemporary yet timeless, conceptualising a new lifestyle that speaks to those who seek something rare.

Many of these sunglass models have names rooted in ancient Greek mythology, names like Zeus, Daphne, Nike, Artemis and Apollo, just to name a few. Shapes range from the subtle to the very angular with richness in colour. Large square metalic frames and squared butterfly effect cut out lenses are all a part of this unique brand.

The Zeus+Dione brand began as a fashion collection, gracing red carpet events around the world. Now the brand has included eye glasses and sunglasses in the collection to complement the fashion clothing range.

This brand is a minimalist brand but very edgy. Come in, try some on. You will not be disappointed.

Zeus+Dione sunglasses are available from The Eye Practice in Sydney CBD.

Learn more at the Zeus + Dione website.