l.a.Eyeworks keeps us guessing with it’s unique shapes and colour palettes that always draw the attention they deserve.  Created in Los Angeles,  by designers Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, who wanted eye glasses that would encourage people to stop looking and start seeing.

A face is a work of art. It deserves a great frame. Eyewear, designed to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of each individiual.  Unlike many other brands on the market today l.a.Eyeworks glasses are unique in that it is difficult to pin point the frame shape. Is it a circle? Perhaps it’s an oval? Is it blue? The mix of coloured acetates in these frames is harmonous and unique.

This eyewear collection is often seen on celebrities around the world, performers, artists and atheletes. The frames are designed to be individual to the wearer. To bring out the personality of the wearer and let them shine in their own individual way.

l.a. Eyeworks portrait campaign.

l.a. Eyeworks created an advertising campaign that changed optical history. This campaign began back in the 1980’s and continues today with star like Grace Jones, Jodie Foster, Ru Paul, Debbie Harry, Lauren Bacall, Drew Barrymore and many more. to see these images click here.

There is no better feast for the eyes than stylish eyewear – the ultimate accessory. Why wear ordinary when you can wear extraordinary glasses from l.a.Eyeworks?

Come in and see the wonderful collection of frames we have in store today. There is a frame for every face.

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