Lindberg burst into the eye wear scene in 1985 with the groundbreaking Air Titanium range, which was featherweight and virtually indestructible. At this time, titanium was used in the aviation and aerospace industries and unheard of in optics. Titanium was the material of choice for this brand for it’s strength and flexibility, which could be manipulated to create amazing shapes.

Lindberg are known for their lightweight, technically advanced frames that take inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship of Danish modernism. Lindberg glasses are subtle, without logo and branding, and made for those who value function as much as fashion.

“Screw is a really, really dirty word around here” says Henrik Lindberg. And why? Because Lindberg was the first brand to patent an entirely screw free frame, which to this day remains a signature of its design.

Frames can be purchased straight off the shelf or, as in most cases, can be customised for each individual, to get the perfect fit and look.

Lindberg has created a cult like following for the brand. For those in the know, Lindberg designs are easy to spot for their clean lines and seem-less construction.

“Your eyes, and what’s in front of them, are the first thing people see when they meet you – not your feet, hands or legs,” says Henrik Lindberg, the company’s founding CEO. ” So I really don’t grasp when someone puts so much effort into their overall look, and then they just grab their glasses without thought, and out the door they go”

If you are looking for frames that are light, comfortable and stylish, come in and see the Lindberg range and have a stylist create a pair that is perfect for you.