Task glasses, also known as office lenses or computer glasses, have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Computers and digital screens are everywhere, from laptops and desktops to phones and Kindles. You may have no need for distance glasses but you want your close work and intermediate work as clear and comfortable as possible. This is especially true for people who have to work for on digital screens for intense periods.

Types of task glasses

Sometimes multifocals just don’t do the trick. With more than half of the real estate of each lens dedicated to providing clear distance vision, there’s not much room for clear intermediate vision – such as looking at a typical desktop computer screen. Yet this is what many people have to do all day at work.

This is where task glasses come in. These lenses come in many different designs. Some have the top half of the lens clearly focussed for the computer screen at about arms lenght, with the lower part clear for reading. So, in these glasses you can work comfortably at your desk and see both screen and documents clearly.

Other types have a little bit of the lens clear for distance, so you can see across the room if you need to. These are great for people who give presentations and need to see their audience.

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