Porsche Design glasses are timeless and iconic, becoming one of the most sort after brands for men.

The frames are the epitome of style, lightness and performace. This is the result of a manufacturing process using only the very best materials such as titanium and carbon fibre.

What else would you expect from Porsche?

There is something about the Porsche Design brand that captures everyone’s imagination. We all dream of owning one for sure. Though the sports car may be out of reach for many consumers, the brand also offers a range of lifestyle products. These are designed and manufactured with the same approach.  Among them is the Porsche Design eyewear collection.

Porsche Design Features.

  • Carbon Fiber material, which is extremely strong, yet very light weight, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Resulting in, glasses that are more lightweight than steel, and five times as strong, and twice as hard.
  • Strict quality control, far beyond the industrial standard ensures the high quality of each model. This guarantees the highest quality in terms of surface, fit, comfort and durability.
  • All the eyewear are made of premium materials with high-tech finishing and incorporate best VisionDrive sun lenses in their sunglasses.
  • Ball Tec – Screwless, cutting edge hinge technology.
  • Leading integrated spring hinge technology out of 100% titanium.

Porsche Design never follow trends, they create trends. This in turn makes them by far the No.1 premium lifestyle brand for men.

At The Eye Practice, we are committed to stocking the finest quality luxury designer eye wear from around the world.

Come and have a look for yourself. Feel the difference. Learn more at the Porsche Design website.