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A man in need of eyestrain treatment in SYdney.

Eyestrain treatment in Sydney

Getting the right eyestrain treatment in Sydney is important for the health of your eyes. The treatment can involve eye exercises or even glasses.

Eyestrain treatment in Sydney usually only requires changes to work or home-life. However sometimes underlying vision conditions may require more treatment, so it’s important to get your eyes checked by an optometrist.

Eyestrain treatment is usually very effective. In fact, it can even permanently relieve eyestrain. Effective eyestrain treatment is tailored for each patient who visits our Sydney optometrist clinic. This involves teaching skills designed to minimise eyestrain in the workplace, school or at home.

Eye exercises to treat eyestrain

Eye exercises are an effective treatment for eyestrain. Indeed, the 20-20-20 exercise rule is one of the best eyestrain treatments, especially for office workers in Sydney:

Every 20 minutes, stand up from your desk and look into the distance for 20 seconds while blinking 20 times. This should become a habit over time and help protect your eyes from the ravages of office work.

Treating eyestrain

Simple things like looking out the window can help treat eyestrain.

Eyestrain treatment in Sydney using glasses

Sometimes glasses are the best eyestrain treatment. However, an optometrist might only prescribe glasses for specific activities like reading or computer work. In fact, many of our Sydney patients say it makes those tasks a much more comfortable.

It’s worth noting that the blue light from computer screens is a major contributor to eyestrain. So a special filter coating can be applied to glasses which reduces the amount of harmful blue light entering the eyes. This also helps treat eyestrain. Indeed, our Sydney-based optometrists recommend blue light coatings for anyone who wears glasses for digital device use.

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Learn more about eye strain

Eyestrain treatment

Eyestrain treatment is very effective. In fact, it can usually minimise or even eliminate eyestrain all together.

Eyestrain symptoms

Eyestrain symptoms include tired eyes and headaches. However, optometrists can also detect clinical signs like eye muscle imbalance.

About eyestrain

Eyestrain is a particularly common condition among Sydney office workers. It occurs when eyes get tired after prolonged, intense use. Symptoms are usually short-lived, but include sore eyes and headache.

EYE STRAIN: Let’s get rid of it!

Eye strain is a very common condition. Like all our other muscles, eye muscles get tired and sore too. In a world where we are constantly in front of digital devices, how can we avoid it?

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