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Custom-made contact lenses.

Custom-made contact lenses

For when disposable lenses are just not comfortable enough.

Custom contact lenses

Custom-made contact lenses are tailor-made to suit your exact eye shape. They are generally replaced annually. They are often the best choice if you have struggled to achieve a comfortable fit with contact lenses.

Pharmaceutical companies globally have been attempting to be commoditise contact lenses. This simplifies the fitting process and maximises profits. But in many cases this is a ridiculous proposition. The best analogy we can use is trying to fit every patient into a size 8 shoe.

It is crazy to think that we can try and fit every foot into one shoe size, so why are we trying to fit everyone into one contact lens size? The failure rate in contact lenses in the long term using this lazy fitting philosophy is 75%. Unfortunately, over 90% of contact lenses are fitted using this philosophy.

We’re different at The Eye Practice. We individualise every patient. Where required, we customise the contact lenses to the person. Using our philosophy our drop-out rate is less than 5%.


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Hard contact lenses

Hard contact lenses (also called RGPs) often provide clearer vision than soft lenses.

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