Hybrid contact lenses are the ‘Goldilocks’ contact lens. They provide the clear vision of hard (or RGP) contacts with the comfort of soft. This makes them ideal for people with keratoconus or other eye diseases who struggle with sensitive eyes or those who play contact sports. These lenses are not as robust as hard lenses and require care when cleaning, inserting and removing.

Removing your hybrid contact lenses

  • Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water immediately prior to removing your hybrid lenses.
  • Dry with a lint-free towel and avoid tap water getting onto your lenses.
  • Use the smaller, solid plunger to remove your lens.
  • Moisten the plunger with a small drop of preservative-free sterile solution that you shake off. You want it slightly wet.
  • Hold your eyelids apart with thumb and forefinger of your free hand.
  • Look straight ahead in the mirror and place the slightly moistened plunger off centre towards the bottom of the centre of your lens.
  • Tilt it up to break the seal. This is a hinging upward movement (imagine lifting the lid of the toilet seat).
  • Avoid placing the plunger on the centre and pulling the lens straight off without breaking the seal. This places too much suction on the cornea (front of your eye).
  • Clean and disinfect your lens immediately (as below).

Cleaning your hybrid contact lenses

  • Preservative-free sterile solution should be the only product to come in contact with your hybrid lenses.
  • We recommend that you disinfect your hybrid lenses immediately after removal with a preservative-free peroxide system such as AOSept or OxiSept. These systems provide very thorough disinfection.  Lenses do not usually require and further cleaning other than an overnight soak.
  • After the recommended number of hours, the peroxide breaks down to a sterile saline solution, so your lenses are safe to wear next day.
  • Fill your hybrid lens with preservative-free sterile solution such as sterile saline or a lubricant (we recommend Theratears) before inserting into your eye.