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  • Keratoconus symptoms.

Keratoconus symptoms

Keratoconus symptoms include itchy eyes, blurry vision, sensitivity to bright light and halos around lights at night.

About keratoconus symptoms

Often the earliest symptom of keratoconus is itchy eyes. Indeed, the disease is associated with various forms of allergy.

As the disease progresses so too does the severity of symptoms. Sufferers notice a deterioration in vision, glare and halos around lights as well as increased sensitivity to bright light.

However, it’s important to note that symptoms often differ in each eye and they can change over time.

What are the symptoms of keratoconus?

Itchy eyes are a common childhood symptom of keratoconus. Indeed this often leads to eye-rubbing for comfort, but prolonged eye rubbing can make keratoconus worse.

Blurry or distorted vision is often associated with keratoconus. Sudden worsening or clouding of vision is also associated with keratoconus. Indeed, these changes in vision can result in frequent alterations to glasses prescriptions.

It is common for keratoconus sufferers to see glare as well as halos around lights.

Eye sensitivity to sunlight or other bright light sources can also be a symptom of keratoconus, and this sensitivity can be intermittent or change over time.

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Halos and glare

Keratoconus sufferers see glare and halos around bright lights.

When to see an optometrist

The symptoms of keratoconus are not unique, so it is important to get an expert eye examination from an optometrist to ensure the right diagnosis.

You should visit your optometrist if you have a sudden worsening of vision or increased sensitivity to bright light, also if you start seeing halos around lights.

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