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GLASSES and SPECTACLES: Important things to know…Introduction

Glasses or Spectacles as we know them today date from […]

By Published On: 16 October 20111 min read

Glasses or Spectacles as we know them today date from the 12th century, when Venetian glass blowers started making lenses that could fit into a wooden or horn frame, which would sit on the nose. In 1718, Edward Scarlett, a London optician, put arms on eyeglasses to hold them on the ears.

In my experience misconception about spectacles is the rule. There are unfounded fears; there are a plethora of different distribution sources and options, when correcting ones eyesight. There are all sorts of prices from $39 for a “complete set of glasses” to over $1000 for glasses.  It can be all too confusing.

Fortunately, you can be different!

This series of posts will cover vital issues in glasses or spectacle options that if not understood can lead to significant problems, inconvenience, grief and emotional distress.

When you understand and apply these important principles you can be at ease with wearing glasses AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: choose the ones that are appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

Stay tuned for the next Glasses and Spectacles post. We will start with a very important issue:

Do glasses or spectacles weaken your eyes and make them lazy?


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