Who are the best optometrists in Australia? We can’t answer that, but some of the most experienced are at The Eye Practice. They are highly skilled in detecting and correcting problems with your vision, as well as having expertise in the treatment of complex eye conditions.

About optometrists

An optometrist is a primary eye care practitioner. Indeed, they can be likened to a GP who specialises in eyes.

An optometrist provides eye tests to check for vision problems. If necessary they can also prescribe glasses or contact lenses. In addition they can check for a wide range of eye diseases.

A therapeutically-endorsed optometrist can also prescribe treatments for eye diseases.

Optometrists can diagnose most eye diseases, including:

Vision problems can cause headaches, dizziness or dry eyes, as well as blurred vision. In the early stages the symptoms can be so mild that people don’t realise they have a problem.

Everyone should see an eye care professional at regular intervals, even if they don’t have any symptoms of vision problems.

Young children should see an eye care professional at age 6-months and then again at age 3 and 6-years. Grown children and adults should get their eyes checked every two years, even if there are no problems.

Optometrist vision test

An eye care professional uses an eye chart to measure your visual acuity. You are asked to remove your glasses or contact lenses and read the letters from the chart. If you have normal vision, you can read the 8th row on the letter chart (also called a Snellen chart). This level of visual acuity is known as 20/20 vision.

Our optometrists

Optometrist services

Eye tests

An eye test measures your visual acuity.  This means how well you see and what, if any, glasses correction you require. An eye test will also check the balance of your eye muscles and your general eye health. During an eye test your optometrist will look for signs of many eye diseases. These include glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes, diabetes-related eye disease and cataract.

Your optometrists will detect and manage some very common conditions such as myopia and eye strain. These can lead to serious eye problems if poorly managed.  Less common eye conditions, such as keratoconus, can also be detected in a thorough eye examination.

Contact lens fitting

Contact lens fitting determines the right type of contact lens for your eye. During a contact lens fitting your optometrist will measure the curve of the cornea and take other measurements to ensure contact lenses fit comfortably on your eye.

Glasses and multifocals

An optometrist can prescribe glasses or multifocals to correct vision problems. Glasses help people to focus close up or at a distance, while multifocals allow people to focus clearly at a range of distances.

Eye scans

Eye scans give a more detailed understanding of overall eye health. They are also essential for detecting the early signs of eye disease. Digital Retinal Imaging, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Corneal Topography and Visual Field Assessment are all eye scans that can be done by our optometrists.

Eye disease management

Eye disease management is when an optometrist monitors eye problems and provides treatment. They can advise and manage many aspects of your eye health including prescribing eye drops. This is particularly important for dry eyes, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration and keratoconus. Good eye disease management can help keep or improve your vision. Your optometrist may also prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles in your eyes.


You don’t need a referral to see an optometrist but they may refer you on to another health expert if eye disease is detected or surgery required.

About our optometrist clinic

The Eye Practice is a leading Australian eye care clinic. It has the latest technology for comprehensive eye tests and detailed eye scans.

Our caring optometrists are highly skilled in improving vision as well as treating complex eye conditions. Each of them has years of experience and is a recognised leader in their field.

We care about your vision and will give you the best advice to protect your vision.

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