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Dr. Jim Kokkinakis

His commitment to excellence sets him apart.

About Jim

With over three decades of optometrist experience, Dr Jim Kokkinakis of The Eye Practice offers patients the highest quality eye-care, which translates into peace of mind about their most precious sense – their vision. He is backed by a hand-picked optometrist andsupport team as well as the latest diagnostic technology, including retinal photography and optical coherence tomography (OCT). Jim is a senior lecturer and clinical supervisor at the Optometry School (UNSW) and has lectured internationally on advanced contact lens fitting, dry eye treatment and computer vision syndrome. He was one of Australia’s first optometrists to be qualified in Ocular Therapeutics and is committed to finding the best solutions for his patients.

Member of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists

Dr Jim Kokkinakis has dedicated his optometry practice to the fitting and supply of the complete spectrum of contact lenses. From regular soft contact lenses to specially-developed rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses for keratoconus and scleral contact lenses for the most complex corneal conditions, Jim has the experience and expertise to fit you. The best solution can be found for each individual patient. He will NOT stop until he has a workable solution.

An authority on Dry Eye Disease

Over the years, Jim has seen how prevalent dry eye has become, especially in the wake of the digital age. At The Eye Practice, Jim now has one of the best equipped dry eye clinics in the world for the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of dry eye condition. Even the most severe symptoms of dry eye can be alleviated with his techniques.

Listen to Jim talk about dry eye and computer vision syndrome in this podcast:

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