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Dr Alex Koutsokeras


Alex joined The Eye Practice in 2016, after completing her optometry studies in Auckland. Alex has an interest in specialty contact lenses and myopia control. In 2017, Alex impressed us all when she completed the Advanced Certificate in Glaucoma, through the Australian College of Optometry. This is the first year this course has been offered in Australia. As well as being an optometrist, Alex has a psychology background. Read more about Alex here...


Dr Jim Kokkinakis


Owner of The Eye Practice, Jim has over three decades of clinical optometric experience. He has a passion and a knack for finding the right dry eye treatment or the best pair of contact lenses for his patients, regardless of the complexity of their eye problems. His other passion is the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Learn more about Jim here...  



Dr Nerida Wu

Nerida has been involved with The Eye Practice for almost 20 years.  She is a highly-experienced clinical optometrist with a special interest in contact lenses and eye disease management, particularly keratoconus and ortho-k.  Nerida has previously travelled to Nepal where she provided her clinical skills to improve the lives of the local people. 


Nicole Kokkinakis

Nicole has been a mainstay of The Eye Practice since it first opened in 2002 and has worked closely with Jim for nearly twenty years. She takes a personal interest in all patients and employs her considerable skills in helping them choose the perfect spectacle frame or pair of sunglasses. Having worked closely with Jim in our dry eye clinic, Nicole is often the first point of contact for our dry eye patients and provides her care, compassion and sense of humour free of charge. Nicole knows everything there is to know about glasses frames. (She also likes shoes. Oh, and handbags….)


Brian Brown

Brian has over four decades of experience as an optical dispenser and over the years has completed many courses on using fashion, face-shape and colour in frame selection. Brian is also trained as an optical mechanic and is experienced in hand-making spectacle lenses. Brian travelled extensively around Australia as part of Fred Hollows' team, providing eye care and glasses in Aboriginal communities. He believes in the importance of customer service and strives to maintain a very high level at all times. His experience and knowledge of optic lenses, fitting and frame adjustment is extensive and ongoing, as new lens designs and frame materials are being developed all the time.


Adele McGuinness

Adele has been part of The Eye Practice team for over a decade and brings a wealth of experience to the practice. Trained as an optical dispenser and with four decades of experience, Adele knows spectacle frames and lenses inside out.  She is an excellent person to advise you on the best multifocal lenses for your lifestyle as well as the best frame for your face.  If you've ever struggled to find the right frame or a comfortable multifocal, come and talk to Adele.


Arianna Kokkinakis

Arianna is one of the second generation of the Kokkinakis family to be involved in The Eye Practice on a day-to-day basis.  She is a qualified Optical Dispenser. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Technology Sydney in 2013, majoring in Environmental Biology. She is currently studying Audiology. Her friendly professionalism, sense of fun and smart fashion sense continue to impress our discerning clientele. 


Dr Audrey Molloy

Audrey practiced optometry in Dublin, before moving to Australia from Ireland in 1998. She began working with Jim Kokkinakis the same year. Since then, Audrey has worked for Vision Eye Institute for over 15 years, and resumed her working relationship with The Eye Practice in 2014.  She is a highly skilled clinical optometrist with over 20 years’ experience, and has a special interest in laser eye surgery and eye disease management. Audrey is currently undertaking her Ocular Therapeutics Certificate with the Australian College of Optometry. She is also highly qualified in marketing, medical writing and editing.  

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