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The Eye Practice is the leading optometrist in the Sydney CBD. Our caring optometrists specialise in treating complex eye conditions and protecting your vision.

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Health funds

Please bring your private health fund membership card with you when you visit our Sydney CBD optometrist. That way we can process your claim on the spot. We welcome members of all the major private health funds, including:

Teachers Health Fund

Australian Unity Health

Our services

At The Eye Practice we offer eye care that’s second to none. Our expert optometrists are leaders in their field and our Sydney CBD optometrist clinic has the latest technology to help diagnose and treat complex eye conditions.

Comprehensive eye tests

We offer the most thorough eye tests of any optometrist in the Sydney CBD. Your test will include a thorough eye health evaluation along with the best solution to all your eye care needs.

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Contact lenses

Our Sydney CBD optometrists are contact lens experts. Infact, we’ve been fitting advanced contact lenses for over three decades and our principle optometrist is one of only 40 members of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists.

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Keratoconus care

Keratoconus cannot be cured but it can be effectively treated. We have over 30 years experience in managing keratoconus in the most up-to-date way. Our goal is to help you achieve clear, comfortable vision with the minimum intervention.

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Dry eye care

Our Sydney CBD optometrist has the most advanced dry eye treatment clinic in Australia. This enables us to identify the underlying causes of your dry eyes and recommend the best treatment.

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Myopia treatment

Myopia is a common eye condition where near objects are in focus, but objects in the distance appear blurry. Our Sydney-based optometrists can diagnose the problem and recommend the best treatment.

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Orthokeratology (or ortho-k) is a method of correcting vision by gently reshaping the cornea. It is especially beneficial for myopic or short-sighted kids. Our expert optometrists have helped thousands of children see better.

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Eye Strain

If your eyes are feeling strained, weak or generally tired our optometrists in the Sydney CBD can help. Treatment usually involves glasses, eye exercises or even dry eye therapy.

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Glaucoma care

Glaucoma requires careful care. Our expert optometrists can help you pick it up early and treat it with prescription eye drops or surgery. This can dramatically reduce the risk of going blind from glaucoma.

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Prescription glasses

At The Eye Practice our Sydney CBD optometrists match expertly focused lenses to the perfect frame. Choose from our extensive range of designer frames and get the look that’s taylored just for you.

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Your vision is our passion

About us

The Eye Practice is the leading optometrist in the Sydney CBD for the treatment of complex eye conditions.

We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus, dry eyes and other complex eye conditions. Also, our Sydney CBD optometrists are experts in fitting contact lenses and assessing comprehensive eye tests.

Our caring optometrists give you peace of mind about your most precious sense, your vision. Indeed, our optometrists have decades of experience and our Sydney CBD clinic is fitted with the latest eye-care technology.

We are passionate about protecting your vision, so book a comprehensive eye test and discover The Eye Practice difference.

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We are a conveniently located Sydney CBD optometrist in York Street, close to Town Hall Station. Our accessible practice is located on the third floor of York House with easy elevator access.

The Eye Practice is within easy reach of public transport. Town Hall Station is only 200m away and buses stop just metres away at QVB York Street Stand E.

The nearest public parking is only 100m away at Wilson Parking – 44 Market Street, Sydney. Additional parking can be found at Wilson Parking – Queen Victoria Building.

Your initial eye examination will take approximately 1 hour and will generally include the following steps: Assessing any eye wear and lens care systems you currently use; Measuring your vision and the focusing ability of your eye; Determining if any eye wear is required and, if so, what prescription gives you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

Medicare will pay certain rebates toward the cost of your eye test, however some other fees may apply. Our friendly staff will be happy to explain this to you, simply call: (02) 9290 1899.

Yes, our opticians have an international reputation for their keratoconic treatment. In fact, Dr. Jim Kokkinakis is regarded as one of the leading authorities on keratoconus in Australia.

Yes, we offer extra care for young eyes, specialising in orthokeratology treatment for children suffering myopia.

Yes, The Eye Practice prides itself in having the most advanced dry eye treatment clinic in Australia. Successful treatment depends on a full understanding of all the factors at play in your dry eye condition. Accurate testing prior to treatment involves a complete dry eye assessment.