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Dr. Alex Koutsokeras

Passionate about myopia control, eye strain and ocular disease management.

Alex completed her optometry studies at the University of Auckland and a Psychology degree at the University of Sydney. As well as practicing general optometry, Alex is passionate about specialty contact lenses for myopia control, eye strain and ocular disease management.

Individualised, Patient-Centred Care

Everyone has unique visual needs, and Alex believes in providing each and every patient with the highest quality eye care via an individualised treatment approach. Alex will take the time to really listen and find the best solution for any visual concern.

Myopia Control

It’s fair to say that myopia – or short-sightedness – has now reached epidemic proportions worldwide. By keeping up to date with the latest cutting-edge research, Alex offers tailored treatment approaches for each child that not only meets their lifestyle needs but also reduces their risk of eye complications for the rest of their lives.

Ocular Disease Management

Alex is therapeutically qualified to prescribe ophthalmic medications to treat a number of eye diseases, including eye infections, dry eyes, uveitis and glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, with up to 50% of cases undiagnosed in Australia. Alex is passionate about saving vision by improving this statistic, and in 2017 she achieved the Australian College of Optometry’s Advanced Certificate in Glaucoma, the first time this course has been offered to optometrists in Australia.

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Myopia is a common eye condition that is becoming more widespread. Objects up close are in focus while objects in the distance appear blurry.

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