Jim Kokkinakis

Principle optometrist and owner of The Eye Practice, Jim has over three decades of clinical experience, especially in the area of keratoconus.

He has a passion and a knack for finding the right dry eye treatment or the best pair of contact lenses for his patients, regardless of the complexity of their eye problems. His other passion is the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

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Nicole Kokkinakis

Nicole has been a mainstay of The Eye Practice since it first opened in 2002 and has worked closely with Jim for nearly twenty years. She takes a personal interest in all patients and employs her considerable skills in helping them choose the perfect spectacle frame or pair of sunglasses. Having worked closely with Jim in our dry eye clinic, Nicole is often the first point of contact for our dry eye patients and provides her care, compassion and sense of humour free of charge. Nicole knows everything there is to know about glasses frames. (She also likes shoes. Oh, and handbags….)


Alex Koutsokeras

Dr Alex Koutsokeras is a therapeutically-endorsed clinical optometrist and has particular expertise in specialty contact lenses and dry eye management. Optometrists and ophthalmologists from around the state refer patients to Alex when they need expert help with these conditions. Alex achieved her Optometry degree with first class honours from the University of Auckland. Prior to this, she completed a Psychology degree from the University of Sydney. Alex has also completed advanced studies in glaucoma, is a regular optometry blog author, and is a guest speaker for fellow optometrists in her areas of expertise. Alex has a loyal following of patients who value her clinical skills as well as her willingness to spend time with each patient to achieve the best possible solution.

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Audrey Molloy

Audrey moved to Australia from Ireland in 1998 and began working with Dr. Jim Kokkinakis the same year. Since then she has worked at Vision Eye Institute for over ten years and resumed her working relationship with The Eye Practice in 2014. She is a highly-skilled clinical optometrist with over 20 years experience, and has a special interest in laser eye surgery and eye disease management. Audrey is also highly qualified in marketing, medical writing and editing and also provides these services to The Eye Practice.