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With Lindberg, If you want it, Then you can have it.

You know what style of glasses frames you want, so […]

By Published On: 22 April 20182.7 min read

You know what style of glasses frames you want, so why is it so hard to get it? Well now you can, with Lindberg customised eyewear.

The perfect pair

How often have you found yourself spending hours looking for the perfect glasses frames to fit your face shape?

A lot goes into purchasing the right frame. Shape, size, colour all play a major role in the look, feel and fit of a frame. It takes time, and professional help, especially if you are going to invest in a good quality piece.

So, you try on frame after frame, and finally you find the perfect shape and fit! But that colour is so not you! Oh, it comes in black, and green and brown, but what happens if you want it in purple or blue? Most frames come in a certain number of colours and there is simply no option for customisation.

Introducing Lindberg

With Lindberg customised eyewear you can have it in purple, or blue, or a range of other colours.

Lindberg has always considered eyewear to be as individual as the person wearing it, giving you the option to change not only the colour of the frame front, but the colour of the temples (those side arms) as well.

Glasses can make or break an outfit. Glasses can change your whole look. They are a visual necessity, but they are also a fashion accessory. Some can even be described as a work of art. Lindberg understands this and gives the wearer flexibility to create eyewear to suit their personal taste and personality.

True customisation

Aside from all the colour options available for the frames, you can also customise the side arms (or temples). The style of temple can vary from very light, thin, and nondescript, to a bolder, more fancy design.

You also have the option to change the length of the temples. How many times do you try on a frame and the temples are too short? Not with Lindberg.

The perfect bridge

Another issue that often comes up when trying to find the perfect frame is the bridge fitting, how it sits on the nose. Some frames sit too high, others sit too low, and you find

yourself having to settle on a frame, rather than having a pair of glasses you love.

Lindberg gives you options, with up to 3 different sizes of bridges, and, guess what? You can change the colours of these too!

Add a hue…

Love frameless frames but find them a little bit too plain? Now you can add colour to your frameless glasses.

Lindberg Spirit glasses are now available with a groove colour. Choose a colour to match the sides or, be daring and choose a contrasting colour. Sometimes, all you need is a hint of colour to make those glasses pop!

Lindberg eyewear has it all. Beautifully crafted, they are light and comfortable to wear, and so many options to create your own bespoke pair of glasses.

Come in to The Eye Practice and see the largest range of Lindberg frames. Let’s create the perfect pair for you! Call (02) 9290 1899 or make an appointment online with one of our eyewear stylists. You can also just pop in and have a look!



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