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Why Cazal Is The Most Famous Eyewear Brand – Ever

If you’re looking to make your mark, no other eyewear […]

By Published On: 16 August 20192.8 min read

If you’re looking to make your mark, no other eyewear brand on the planet carries the same status as Cazal.  But what is it about this iconic brand that puts others in the shade?

The elements of style

Is it possible to break down the appeal of an eye wear brand into its separate elements? We’d like to try, but we also recognise that the real magic of Cazal happens when all of these elements – design, material and attitude come together.


The classic Cazal look was originally created in the 80s by Austrian designer Cari Zalloni (from whose name the brand derives).

These designs have always stood out: the sidepiece design with those little windows; the slashes of colour; those geometric exaggerations; criss-cross bridges, cut-outs and embellishments. There is an extravagance of design and not just materials. These frames are works of art.

Zalloni’s extraordinary talent and enthusiasm underpin the success of the Cazal brand.  Even today, years after the passing of its creator, the brand continues to bring his creative legacy to the latest designs.

Perhaps the key to defining this brand is the unique and highly-expressive design. You don’t have to check the label. You don’t have to tap a stranger on the train to ask what sunglasses they’re wearing; Cazal is, well, unmistakable.

Cross-culture design

One of the most fascinating aspects of the popularity of this brand is how it has had extraordinary success with more than one target market. This is perhaps the only eyewear brand where a rapper and a pop princess can rock the exact same frame (as Gwen Steffani and Nelly demonstrate).

Celebrities and style aficionados across all genres love their Cazals.  The look and feel of these frames, the commitment and passion of their creators and the iconic history all ensure that this is a brand that people fall in love with for life.

Harmony of material and form

Cazal is where elegance meets extravagance. Made in Bavaria, Germany, and using high-end materials such as premium titanium, these frames feel light and comfortable, as well as standing up to whatever life throws at them.

But this is no pared-back, minimalist look.This is top-quality design with a touch of opulence – evident in the embellishments and gold plated finishing touches. 

Cazal is synonymous with luxury and they produce special collections – such as Deluxe Edition as well as their strictly numbered Limited Edition – so that you can make the look your own.

Luxury as an attitude

No other eyewear brand defines the hip-hop style of the 80s like Cazal. Their Legends Edition frames are iconic and much sought-after, now more than ever.

They have become the status symbol for a generation, representing the self-assured socialite.

Hip-hop and the international music scene

No other brand is featured more on stage or on music artwork (record sleeves etc). It’s also one of the most featured – and memorable – eye wear in movies.

Celebrities on the red carpet and stage rock these designs, some of which have reached cult status.

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