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What’s fresh in Glasses? Latest fashion trends for spring

Jim and I have just returned from Europe, where we […]

By Published On: 14 October 20162.5 min read

Jim and I have just returned from Europe, where we hit the SILMO Paris exhibition of all the latest in eye wear fashion.  I always love the spring show, which seems to showcase bolder, edgier styles than the other seasons’ exhibitions.

Now, more than ever, it would appear that anything goes in terms of hue, with startling bursts of colour from designers like Starck and Alain Mikli.

Starck Eyes

Our biggest find in Paris didn’t even happen at the eye wear exhibition. Jim and I were exploring the Paris galleries and spotted an artwork that I simply had to have!  The gallery owner chatted to us about why we were in Paris and when we told him we were on a mission to find and bring back the most stunning frames on the market to our Sydney clientele, he whipped off his own glasses and said: look no further…

The frame he was wearing (and in fact the only frame he has been willing to wear since they first became available in 1996) was by Starck Eyes. This eye wear range is the brain child of renowned designer Phillippe Starck (remember his Juicy Salif lemon squeezer?) and Alain Mikli, who has long been recognised for his provocative eye wear designs.

What’s the big deal about Starck Eyes frames? It’s all in the joint. The ‘Biolink’ is a screw-less hinge which is modelled on the human shoulder joint and can flex in any direction. Not only does this provide better comfort for the wearer but it also provides unsurpassed durability. Imagine the benefits of your glasses springing back from being bent out of shape in any direction? We think anyone who has young kids or who wears a bike helmet or plays contact sport will be as excited as we are about the new range.

Alain Mikli

The latest eye wear collection from veteran designer Alain Mikli has all his trademarks – bright colours, daring, geometric shapes and the finest materials. These qualities and his refined uniqueness have made the French-Armenian designer a favourite with European and avant-garde American clientele for decades.  (Kayne West’s ‘shuttershades’ were by Mikli). I’m very excited about the stunning colours of the new spring range. The new frames are larger and more angular than before and can really make a statement against the backdrop of a corporate work wardrobe in dark neutrals. 

Spring sunglasses

Round is all the rage, with styles ranging from fully round, ‘John Lennon’ models to retro ‘almost round’ shapes. We have already been seeing the round styles making a strong style statement but new this season is the flat lens, which gives a minimalist, geometric quality to the latest sunnies. Lindberg (pictured) and Alain Mikli are the hot brands to check out.

Looking for the perfect frame for your face? Come in and check out our latest range or, for a complimentary one-on-one frame consultation, call The Eye Practice on (02) 9290 1899.



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