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Vitreous Floaters.

Vitreous Floaters

Vitreous Floaters appear like little moving flecks or spots in our vision.

By Published On: 27 October 20201.2 min read
Vitreous Floaters occur when little pieces of the vitreous (the gel like substance at the back of the eye) break away. They are not dangerous and most of us will experience them at some time in our lives.

What are vitreous floaters?

You may sometimes notice spots moving across your vision and these are known as ‘floaters’. They are often easily seen when looking at a plain white background. Floaters can appear as spots, strands or other shapes in your vision. Floaters are actually clusters of cells in the vitreous, the clear gel-like substance in the centre of the eye that gives the eye its round shape. These clusters of cells cast a shadow on the retina and therefore appear as floaters in your vision. Floaters are generally not sight-threatening, however if you notice the sudden appearance of a number of floaters, especially if they are accompanied by flashes of light, or the appearance of a shadow or a curtain coming down over your vision, this could indicate a retinal detachment. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact The Eye Practice immediately for further advice on (02) 9290 1899 or visit your local eye hospital. PLEASE READ: The information given under Eye Conditions is of a general nature and is not intended to be advice on any particular matter.  Please take the appropriate Optometrical advice before acting on any information given under Eye Conditions of The Eye Practice web-site.


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