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Use of Coloured Glasses to Correct Vision Error

Coloured glasses may be a very big fashion trend these […]

By Published On: 3 June 20132.7 min read

Coloured glasses may be a very big fashion trend these days but interestingly, some people do wear these not just because they want to look hip. Over the years, coloured glasses have helped a lot of people to see more clearly.

Individuals who experience difficulty in seeing letters, numbers and images because their visual cortex could not process light properly are able to ease their problems with the use of these glasses.

Vision Errors Which are Alleviated by Coloured Glasses

Wearing glasses with coloured coating or prescription tint is a recommended solution by optometrists for people who are experiencing the following visual problems:

•    Letters which seem to move while they are reading
•    Seeing squiggly lines or waves when trying to read sentences and paragraphs
•    Presence of color blots on the page which are not really there
•    Difficulty in distinguishing numbers
•    Visual distortion when watching television or using the computer
•    Skipping sentences and words when reading

•    The need to constantly adjust the distance of the reading material to be able to see the texts clearer.

Patients who suffer from these vision errors will be able to prevent the following problems if they have the right coloured glasses.

•    Frequent and excruciating headache
•    Strain on the shoulders and back
•    Pain around the eyes
•    Eye irritation which can be accompanied by either excessive tears or eye dryness
•    Stunted reading and comprehension skills for kids
•    Display of impatience or dislike for reading and writing
•    Copying texts or numbers from another material would result to numerous errors

Identifying the Right Tint for the Coloured Glasses

For the optometrist to be able to identify the right shade of tint to put on the eyeglasses, the patient needs to go through a test called the intuitive colorimeter. This involves the use of an apparatus which enables the patient to try out 100,000 different combinations of colors.

The device measures the right hue, saturation and brightness of color which will aid in making the neurons in the visual cortex to function better. Due to the effect of the prescription tint, the message from the eye’s cornea to the brain would run more smoothly. Hence, reading, writing, solving mathematical equations and seeing images would be much easier.

Precautions for Patients

For patients who use coloured glasses in order to see clearly, it is important to keep these precautions in mind:

•    The tinted glasses are not for corrective purposes. Even if the glasses are worn on a regular basis, the visual impairment would not be cured completely. Hence, it involves long term use of the right prescription glasses.
•    It is important to have the eyes checked every year and go through another intuitive colorimeter test. The right lens tint may change over time and it would be necessary to do adjustments to the lens to see clearly.

•    Aside from ensuring that the lenses are appropriate for the needs of the patient, it is also necessary to find the right frame. It should not cause strain or discomfort because the coloured glasses have to be worn for extended hours.

Coloured Glasses have been shown to make a significant difference in alleviating visual stress to around 20% of the population.  Make an Appointment at The Eye Practice by calling (02) 9290 1899 or Book an Appointment online.


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