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Is it True “Men Never Make Passes at Girls in Glasses”?

No, it’s not true apparently, given all the comments on […]

By Published On: 25 January 20122.7 min read

No, it’s not true apparently, given all the comments on web forums on the topic – in fact it seems that for some men and boys women and girls in glasses are a turn on!

The correct quote “Men seldom make passes at girls in glasses” is attributed to the New York socialite and commentator Dorothy Parker, through her poetry and in magazines in the 1920s and 30s.  When the word “seldom” is introduced the implication is of course that indeed some men DO make passes.

Move on eighty years or so and the situation is quite different. Today women have the option of wearing contact lenses as well as glasses, or even opting for laser eye surgery and so are spoilt for choice – women now are wearing glasses as a matter of choice, because THEY REALLY WANT TO.

On the question of choice, it’s not just a matter of remedial choice but one of wishing to look more attractive and maybe define an image or style from the massive range of eyewear available.

What do Men think today about Women in glasses?

There’s no doubt that today a woman wearing glasses is considered by most of the male population to be smarter than average, and when a girl takes off her glasses (presumably she can still see well enough) she may appear somewhat vulnerable, a trait that will appeal to the protective instinct in males.

These days, anything goes in attracting an admirer. And the use of glasses doesn’t end there as it’s not unknown for young women to wear non-prescription glasses to look more professional, especially in the business world, or maybe to add a touch of sophistication. What is really important to realise is that when someone captures our attention, it is likely to be their eyes, not the shoes they are wearing.

What do Women think today about Men in glasses?

No surprises here most of the forums are saying the same thing – the right pair of glasses definitely adds to a man’s image and looks.

Reasons to choose glasses over contact lenses and laser eye surgery

Modern design and the need for image and identity do play their part in why a person might prefer glasses, but glasses have come a long way in the last decade or so with improved lightweight materials and lenses, and more reliable joints and fittings all helping to compete against the stresses and accidents that happen with daily use.

Historically glasses were seen as showing a person to be wise and mature, and today wearing glasses can give a bookish or nerdy impression – an impression that might just be the image a person wants to portray of course.

So, it looks like glasses are here to stay.  Magazines are still going to show models in business suits wearing glasses, TV shows about the law are still going to have barristers and lawyers wearing glasses.

The reality is that there is a role to play for all vision correction options. Your optometrist is the best person to not only test your vision, but also to recommend the glasses or other vision correction option to complement your lifestyle.

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