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Tired of squinting? Transitions contact lenses have arrived!

Are you bothered by light? Light-adaptive transitions glasses have been […]

By Published On: 31 May 20192.2 min read

Are you bothered by light? Light-adaptive transitions glasses have been around for decades, darkening and fading in various lighting conditions. Unfortunately, there was no equivalent for soft contact lens wearers – until now.

Transitions contact lenses are here

Finally, there’s an effective solution for contact lenses wearers who are bothered by light. If you find yourself squinting, shading your eyes or turning down lights or screen brightness,  Acuvue OASYS Transitions could be for you. These lenses use light-adaptive technology to control the amount of light reaching your eyes in a range of conditions.

What are the benefits?

If you suffer from discomfort around lights, such as starburst, haloes or light scatter, studies on the latest Transitions contact lenses show an improvement in symptoms, making your vision more comfortable.

Will they change the colour of my eyes?

These lenses are specially designed to improve your ability to see comfortably in bright light without significantly altering the appearance of your eyes.

Are they disposable?

Unlike daily disposable lenses that are replaced every day, eliminating the need for preserved solutions and storage cases, Acuvue OASYS Transitions lenses do need to be replaced every two weeks. You will need to disinfect and store your lenses each time you wear them within the two-week period.

Can UV-blocking lenses fully replace my sunglasses?

Transitions contact lenses block harmful UV radiation from reaching your cornea and the inside of your eye. UV light entering the eye is implicated in eye diseases such as cataract. But UV light can also damage the whole eye and surrounding skin, so sunglasses should still be worn for full protection in sunny conditions.

How do they work?

Transitions contact lenses contain millions of photochromic molecules integrated in the lens material.  When the lenses are exposed to light, they ‘activate’ and change shape so they can absorb UV light. These lenses automatically darken or fade in response to UV light. They activate (or darken) in less than a minute when you go into a bright outdoor environment. Fading takes slightly longer – about 90 seconds.

I suffer from glare indoors – can they help me?

Acuvue OASYS Transitions contact lenses reduce the stress and strain of light – both indoor and out. Even it their clearest state (e.g. indoors) these lenses filter up to 15% of visible light. When fully activated, they filter out up to 70% of visible light and 99% of UV light.

Suffering from glare or eye strain?  Be one of the first to try Acuvue OASYS Transitions contact lenses from July 2019. Contact The Eye Practice on (02) 9290 1899 for more information or make an appointment online for a contact lens trial.


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