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The Pain of Eye Strain

The anatomy of an eye is composed of the ciliary […]

By Published On: 29 November 20122.9 min read

The anatomy of an eye is composed of the ciliary body around the lens and six extra ocular muscles. The ciliary body is used constantly whenever a person is focusing on something, as it changes the shape of the lens of the eye to accommodate the focus. Anytime a person focuses on something too long, however, the ciliary body may get tired, thus resulting into eye strain. As a matter of fact, whenever any of the eye muscles get exerted too much, some form of eye strain may occur.

While this is a relatively simple issue, eye strain may create far reaching consequences as it may affect a person’s performance either in school or at work. Furthermore, it may actually worsen as a person gets older.

Causes of Eye Strain

•    Poor Eye Sight. If you feel pain throughout the day, it is advisable to have your vision checked as you may be suffering from poor eye sight. Whether it is because of myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism, being fitted with prescription glasses or contact lens may immediately solve the problem. This will help release the tension of eye strain.

•    Extended Exposure to Computer Monitors. The prolonged use of computers may also be a factor. By simply exercising the eyes, a person can actually alleviate the pain in the eyes. Every hour or so, change the focal point of the eye to relieve the strain. Focus on an object situated relatively far away from the computer screen so that both near and far sides of the vision will be used and exercised. This will also help prevent the development of other eye conditions later.

•    Visual Stress Sensitivity.
Approximately 25% of the population suffers from Visual Stress, which can be perceived as eye strain but in fact is over exposure to light from computer screens.  This is best managed with customized tinted spectacle lenses that are individually prescribed using an instrument called a Colorimeter. Dyslexia and light induced migraines are also treated with this unique device.

•    Darkly Lit Activities. Another common culprit is inadequate lighting. Whether driving during the night or reading in a darkly lit area, the lack of lighting will exert a person’s vision and will cause strain to the eyes.  Try to make sure that your area is properly lit. Focusing in the dark will always bring a strain to the eye.

There are a lot of factors that can lead to eye strain.  Most of these are activities that we cannot avoid and have to be done several times in a day. The bad news is that persistent straining of the eyes can result into eye pain.  This, in turn, can lead to other conditions like headaches.  Depending on the gravity of a patient’s condition, it may even cause migraines that may debilitate a person and prevent him from doing normal activities.

So if a person finds that he is too sensitive to light or is having difficulty focusing on an object, whether near or far, an appointment must be immediately made with an eye doctor.  Remember that while the above-mentioned examples may be external causes that could be easily solved, eye pain may also be a symptom or a side effect of a more serious medical condition.  It is therefore prudent to consult a doctor when the basic tips of relieving eye strain do not suffice.

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