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Removing Your Contact Lenses

Removing your contact lenses can be risky. As you grope […]

By Published On: 8 November 20122.7 min read

Removing your contact lenses can be risky. As you grope for the lens on your eye, you may end up scratching delicate parts of your eye. Thus, you have to be very careful when removing contact lenses.

Here are some important tips you need to know about removing them:

•    Wash your hands before removing your lenses. Use a soap that does not contain additional moisturizers or perfumes as these can coat on your contact lenses.

•    Remove your lenses in a clean area where you have access to a mirror. This is necessary to avoid contaminating your lenses in the event that you drop them accidentally.

•    Most eye injuries caused by contact lenses occur when the users assume that they are still wearing the lenses so they keep on touching their eyes to remove the lenses even if they are in fact no longer there. To check if you are still wearing the lens, cover the other eye and check whether you have clear or blurred vision. A clear vision would indicate that you are still wearing the lens. You should look far away when you perform this test if you are nearsighted, while you have to look up close if you are farsighted.

•    Bow down your head low while looking upwards to the mirror. By doing this, some of the white part of your eye located below your lens will be exposed.

•    It would be advisable to use your dominant hand, right hand if you are right-handed or left hand if you are left-handed, to remove your contact lenses as it will be more powerful and stable.

•    Keep your eye open while doing this. Hold your upper eyelids and eye lashes with your non-dominant hand while your dominant hand holds down your lower eyelid.

•    Slide the lens to the white part of your eye using a clean finger. Do not let go of the lens. If you are having a hard time sliding the lens, continue focusing on one spot in the mirror. When you lose your focal point, you know that the lens has moved.

•    Pick up the contact lens off the white part of your eye using your finger and thumb. Make sure to do this gently so as not to injure your eye. If you have a hard time picking up your lens, try to slide it even further to the white part of your eye. It will be easier to pick up if it is farther from the cornea.

•    Make sure not to pick up the lens if you have long nails. You should instead let it slide all the way to your lower eyelid and let it roll over your eyelid. The lens will be pushed out of your eye and will end up on your lower eyelashes or on your finger.

•    If you have a hard time removing your contact lens and your eye begins to be irritated, take a break. Do not forcibly remove the lens as this can sting from excessive rubbing of your lower eyelid margin.

Clean your lenses with the solution prescribed by your doctor before storing them in their case. Repeat these steps for the other lens.


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