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The Eye Practice’s New Website is Live

The Eye Practice has a new website.  Famous for its […]

By Published On: 11 June 20202.3 min read

The Eye Practice has a new website.  Famous for its investment in technology and design, this optometry practice has diagnostic equipment and a range of luxury eye-wear that are second to none, globally. So, when it comes to our website, we want to reflect our unique practice.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our fabulous new site, which marries a contemporary layout with our unmatched trove of resources and up-to-the minute eye-wear and eye-care news.

Technology meets design: The Eye Practice unveils brand new website

It has been an incredible effort by one of our great patients, Jason Kerr.  We honestly believe that our website is by far the most comprehensive eye care information portal available in Australia.

We have spent the better part of the last 10 years adding relevant content.  Not only does it help our patients, but also people with eye problems from around the world. Not a day will go by, that important questions will come through from distressed individuals or family members. Many have unique eye conditions, which have not been explained properly.


Suffering from Dry Eyes, Keratoconus, Myopia or Eye Strain? The Eye Practice can help

The Eye Practice new website on KeratoconusThe Eye Practice has built its reputation over decades on two things:  our commitment to finding solutions for people who struggle with corneal diseases such as eye strain caused by digital devices, keratoconus, dry eyes, and myopia.  If you are worried about glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration, we have you covered.

The new-look website clearly showcases our eye-care and eye-wear solutions.


FREE Premium content on The Eye Practice new website

Check out our Free Resources section of the website for downloadable eBooks, Quick Guides and Checklists on eye conditions such as Dry Eye disease, keratoconus, eye strain, red eye and macular degeneration. You can also find our popular Quick Guide to understanding eye test results and our full range of Checklists HERE. 


Are your glasses holding you back?

Lindberg 1038 2

Your eye wear says a lot about who you are.  After all, the eyes are the first thing we see when we meet someone. Over the years it became obvious that choosing eye glasses and prescription of spectacle lenses was also a major sticking point for most. We have the fashion and idiosyncrasies of eye glasses covered in great detail on our brand new site.


You can browse some of our luxury eye-wear brands HERE.

We hope you like the new site as much as we do!  Any comments on how it could be better would be very welcome. You can email us on [email protected]


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