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There are many different types of eye diseases. Considering how […]

By Published On: 10 June 20122.5 min read

There are many different types of eye diseases. Considering how important an organ the eye is, it is best that we are acquainted with common eye diseases so we know how to prevent and treat them.


This common eye disease is a bacterial eye infection that can lead to blindness if left untreated. It is particularly common amongst Australian Aboriginals.


•    Poor hygiene especially in the face
•    Poverty, especially in third world countries where proper hygiene is usually disregarded
•    Trachoma is contagious and thus, you can get it from eye-seeking flies and it can be transmitted through coughing, non-washing of infected hands and sneezing.

Treatment and Prevention

•    Maintain proper personal hygiene
•    Keep  your surroundings clean
•    Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent adverse effects like vision loss and to reduce transmission.
•    Eye lid surgery may be needed in more advanced cases.


Cataract is an eye disease commonly characterized by having cloudy lens of the eyes. It blurs your vision since the light passing through your lens is reduced and scattered. You also tend to be sensitive to glare and light.


•    Age – we all will get cataract if we live long enough
•    Insufficient consumption of fruits, vitamins, vegetables and beta-carotenes
•    Medical conditions like diabetes, eye injury or vascular diseases
•    Excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption
•    Change in the protein structure of the lens due to aging
•    Medications like corticosteroids
•    Prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Treatment and Prevention

•    Use of magnifying glass, glasses or bifocals during the early stages

•    Surgery to replace the cloudy lens with an intraocular lens that is clear and permanent.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

This eye disease involves the progressive deterioration of the macula or the sensitive central part of the retina found at the back of the eye which is responsible for giving us fine vision for everyday tasks like reading.


•    Smoking
•    Insufficient intake of vitamins C and E and carotenoids
•    Hereditary
•    Aging.

Treatment and Prevention

•    AMD cannot be cured permanently but early detection can help prevent its adverse effects like blindness.
•    Eye injections
•    Laser surgery
•    Photodynamic therapy.


This eye disease takes place when the optic nerve of the eye is damaged. It is normally associated with eye pressure. Early detection is essential in order to prevent incurable loss of vision. A comprehensive eye examination may be performed to detect glaucoma.


•    Aging
•    Medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes
•    Extreme shortsightedness
•    Hereditary
•    High  intraocular pressure
•    Use of steroids
•    Eye injury.

Treatment and Prevention

•    Laser surgery
•    Medications like prostaglandins.

We all know how valuable the eyes are. They may even be considered as the most important among our five senses. Proper eye care and hygiene are of utmost important to keep our eyes healthy. Close monitoring of symptoms of certain eye problems is necessary in order to prevent any complications. By following these simple steps, we can avoid suffering from these common eye diseases.

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