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LASER EYE SURGERY: iLASIK and things you need to know

Laser eye surgery has become more popular over the years. […]

By Published On: 20 June 20122.5 min read

Laser eye surgery has become more popular over the years. Many people are taking advantage of the benefits it provides. However, many others are still concerned about the safety and affordability of a laser eye surgery. Here is one technological advancement that might just change your perception about this procedure.


LASIK, or the laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, is one of the more popular forms of a laser eye surgery. Recently, the iLASIK procedure which uses exclusive LASIK technology was introduced. iLASIK would definitely be useful as most people are candidates for this procedure. As will be shown below, it is safe, effective and affordable. It has been used in over 10 million procedures. Above all, it is uncomplicated as it is fast and virtually painless.


iLASIK uses a very mature and safe technology that has been used for over a decade. To date, an estimated 31.4 million laser eye surgery procedures have been performed worldwide. It is the most common elective vision procedure in the United States.


Here are the steps for an iLASIK laser eye surgery:

•    Extensive eye exam will be performed by an iLASIK surgeon.

•    Software installed in a computer will create an individual blueprint for your eyes. The blueprint will drive your laser correction, assuring you of a truly customized result.

•    Numbing drops will be placed on your eyes so you will not feel the pain. You will be awake while undergoing the procedure. Most likely, you will not feel anything save for some pressure on your eyes.

•    A thin flap in your cornea will be created with the use of a laser. This flap is necessary for your surgeon to make the iLASIK correction. This flap is created with the use of the IntraLase Femtosecond laser which truly makes the iLASIK procedure unique. This bladeless procedure is the preferred method by 81% of patients who choose this over traditional LASIK laser eye surgery where the flap is created with a blade.

•    With the use of a computer, a second laser will be used to correct your cornea, depending on the unique characteristics of your eyes or vision.

This procedure is safe and painless. Like any surgery of course there are rare complications. These need to be discussed carefully with your referring optometrist and then by your chosen surgeon.

With the iLASIK, it only takes around 10 minutes to reshape each cornea to correct refractive imperfections of your eyes. Both eyes can even be treated on the same day and visit to the laser eye surgeon.


The results for an iLASIK procedure will vary depending on your eye condition. Studies show that 98% of patients who are mildly to moderately nearsighted can see 20/20 or even better within one year after undergoing the procedure.

If you are one of those people who are concerned about the safety of the traditional LASIK laser eye surgery procedure, here is your chance to correct your vision problems. With its bladeless technology, you will surely have a worry-free iLASIK procedure.


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