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Keratoconus at The Eye Practice is an extremely common encounter, as we specialise in it.  Even though finding vision solutions is the reason most patients  attend, explanation of the eye condition and giving peace of mind is also a very important component.

Because detailed and individualised explanation is so important a number of years ago Dr Jim Kokkinakis wrote: “The 7 critical issues that you need to know about Keratoconus… but Don’t”.  From around the world this article has been downloaded nearly 25,000 times to date.

Recently Dr Jim Kokkinakis (Optometrist) in conjunction with Dr Michael Loughnan (Corneal Ophthalmologist), Mr Richard Lindsay (Optometrist) and Professor Gerard Sutton (Corneal Ophthalmologist) have published what they think is a very important piece of literature written in laypersons language.

If you have keratoconus or have a family member or friend with this frustrating condition, this simple text goes through all the issues involved.

Call us on +61 2  9290 1899 or email us HERE to get your copy for $19.95 plus postage.


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