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Help! Eye makeup tips urgently required!

Who said eye make up was easy? Certainly not me. I […]

By Published On: 8 December 20164.2 min read

Who said eye make up was easy? Certainly not me. I cannot begin to understand how young women and teenage girls buy make up and before you know it they are looking like Kim Kardashian!

I remember when I first started, it was seriously tragic (and let’s be honest, it has not gotten any better). My mother would say, Nicki, never wear blue eye-shadow or red nail-polish. That was the extent of my training. I would slap on some mascara and hope not to poke my eye every time, one color of eye shadow (not blue) because any more than that was just too hard and try to get a straight line with the eyeliner.

That was hard enough. But now! Now, there is so much more!

I don’t know how every one else feels, but I find that I have a whole lot of products that I don’t even know what to do with.

Firstly, we need to prepare: Use moisturiser. Okay, that’s doable. Add primer to even out the lid and prepare it for the next step. (I always thought primer was what we used on walls before we applied paint but what would I know)?

Secondly, apply the eye shadow, and this is where it really starts to get scary. Not one color. NO no. Now we need to apply three and four and even five colors before the eyes begin to look the part. And this is then followed by the dreaded word…


I blend. I really do, but the more colors I add, the more mess I make. I blend so much that my vision goes blurry and when it finally clears up the reflection is not what it should be. Far from it.

I am not one to give up. I tell myself that I just need to keep going and it will all come together in the end. The look is not quite there yet. It should all look good when it’ s done.

It is now time to apply the mascara. Why use one type of mascara when you can use two or three different mascaras together. One to lengthen, one to thicken and one to curl. The first coat goes on. So far so good. All is going well. Now for the second coat, being ever so careful, but alas, mascara all over the eye lid. Now I know I should clean the lid and start from scratch, but seriously that’s not going to happen. I will just patch it up. Pick the mascara off and patch up the eye shadows. And, BLEND.

By the time I have applied these three coats, patched up the eye shadow and tried to blink away the mascara that is in my eye from picking it, I can no longer blink. The lids are so so heavy. So now my vision is blurry and blinking is a weight lifting exercise.

Not done yet though. It is time for the finishing touches and that means EYE LINER!!!

I can hear you laughing.

I now what you are thinking. Panda eyes right?

No, I wish it were just panda eyes.

I carefully apply the eyeliner, even do the wings tips. That’s the look right now and look in the mirror and you know, the finished look is actually okay. It appears as though I have managed to tie it all together. i give myself a sexy wink.

I am not however, as young as I used to be and my near vision is, well it’s missing. So I take a look in my magnified mirror.

What a mess!

Complete and utter horror! It is so bad, I could have a lead role in the Michael Jackson thriller video. Oh, and don’t get me started on the winged eye liner. What wings? They are not wings, they are more like barges. A nice big platform spreading across the sides of my face.

I have not even started the rest of my face. Gone are the days of a little blush and a swipe of lipstick. Oh no. Now I need to contour. Foundation, dark contours, light contours, highlighters, bronzers, primers, concealers, and the list goes on. I try, I really do, but most of the time I can’t work out what to do with what, so I just slap it on and hope for the best!

As for false eye lashes and that glue? I am not even going to go there.

Seriously, I don’t know how they make it look so easy on youtube, and when I try it, is enough to give children nightmares.

So for me, it’s back to basics, and every now and then when I get inspired, I have another go only to realise that makeup artistry is not my forte.

Surely, I am not the only one to struggle with all of this?

Comment below and let me know how you cope with it all and please feel free to offer some tips!


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