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Seeing Beyond Glasses – RevitalVision

A new technology allows our BRAIN to see better. It […]

By Published On: 2 June 20122.3 min read

A new technology allows our BRAIN to see better. It is called RevitalVision!

When we think of Vision, we immediately think of Eyes. But in fact the eyes are just the first stage of the complex process we call Vision . In fact, all the visual information collected by the eyes must be transferred for further processing in the brain.

A clinically proven new technology called ‘RevitalVision’ allows us to improve vision by training the brain to see better, visually stimulating the back part of the brain called the Visual Cortex.   On average we expect an improvement of two lines on a standard reading chart, and a very significant enhancement in the ability to see in low contrast.

This is very exciting since it’s a new concept and tool to further improve vision, and what’s even better is that this treatment is noninvasive and perfectly safe. It is based on visual training done at home, several times a week in front of a computer for about half an hour, and lasts 10-12 weeks with long lasting effects. As opposed to other methods that have claimed similar abilities, this one is scientifically based, and widely researched, published in the most respected scientific publications.

Millions of Australians suffer from low amounts of short sightedness (myopia), that causes distant object to be unclear, others reach the age where near objects seem blurry making reading a difficult task. This normally occurs at ages 40-50 and is a normal condition called ‘presbyopia’. Both these groups of people can significantly reduce their dependency on glasses by enabling the brain to overcome the blur.
Similarly athletes who wish optimize their vision and ability to detect low contrast targets can find this technology useful.

Another group of people who may benefit from RevitalVision are those who have gone through cataract or refractive surgery (such as LASIK or PRK), and either suffer from residual blur or other associated symptoms (halos, glare, reduced night vision etc).

The last and perhaps the most exciting group of people who will benefit from this treatment are those who suffer from ‘Low Vision’ and Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). It is often frustrating  for optometrists to try all sorts of different lenses and attempt to reach the clearest possible vision only to find that the vision is still not good. Having the ability to further improve vision beyond the level of the eyes, and enhance the vision capabilities to people who suffer from a debilitating vision impairment, is extremely rewarding.

To find out more about RevitalVision and whether you could benefit from it, you must be assessed by an optometrist who has gone through the necessary training to assess suitability, prescribe and monitor this treatment.


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