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GLASSES and SPECTACLES: You have a prescription… but where should they be manufactured?

Glasses or Spectacles are used by at least half the […]

By Published On: 6 December 20112.3 min read

Glasses or Spectacles are used by at least half the population now.  Some people only need to wear them occasionally; others need to wear them from the minute they wake up, to when they go to bed.

Some spectacle prescriptions are simple and some can be very complex.  Getting them just right involves:

  • Designing the prescription to work in the environment the patient needs.
  • The frame needs to fit properly.
  • The lenses need to be as thin and as light as possible.
  • The lenses need to be fitted accurately relative to the frame and the pupil centres.
  • Explaining normal adaptation issues.
  • Recognising that the glasses have been made incorrectly.
  • Choosing shapes and colours that complement a persons look.

The lens on the left labeled 1.74 is a thinner and a lighter profile than the one on the right labeled 1.50.  These lenses are both the same prescription.  Obviously the thinner lighter lens is the preferred option.  Make sure you are given all options.

Often patients, once they have had their eyes tested, will ask for their prescription thinking that they will either get the same glasses made elsewhere cheaper or they will have more variety to choose from elsewhere.

Taking your prescription elsewhere is rarely a good option for the following reasons:

  1.  Cost is not an issue – complete glasses are available for under $99
  2. Glasses can be made for your health fund rebate therefore no out of pocket cost. The same as other optical outlets.
  3. When top quality lenses are required from The Eye Practice they will be sourced from Germany, France or Japan NOT China, which is where most of the corporate companies obtain lenses from.
  4. If you have trouble getting used to your new glasses, who will be responsible for adjusting the prescription.  If the glasses are made by The Eye Practice we will warranty the lens adjustment 100%.
  5. If you are looking for something unique and most importantly fitted precisely to you face this will be difficult to achieve at the corporate entities.  The staff on the floor are usually trained in sales and not the intricacies of spectacle manufacture.
  6. The optical industry is slowly being deregulated. This means that untrained people are allowed to not only sell glasses, but also make them, with no concept of accuracy.

Always make your glasses at the same place you have chosen to examine your eyes.  They are by far the best people to advise you about what you need from a functional and a lifestyle perspective.  If you have the perception that they will be expensive, you will be surprised if you just ask to keep to a budget.  Usually the best option will be more expensive, I think we all understand that.  Reasonable glasses can still be made a budget price at The Eye Practice.


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