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Get Rid of Scratches on your Eye Glasses

When you have a vision problem, your optometrist will likely […]

By Published On: 6 July 20122.5 min read

When you have a vision problem, your optometrist will likely prescribe  eye glasses (or spectacles) to address your condition. There are different options to choose from, including glass, plastic or polycarbonate. Plastic remains to be the most popular option among the three because it is safe, light and impact-resistant.

You will most probably end up choosing eye glasses with plastic lenses. While it may be cheaper than the other lenses, you believe that it will still last for a long time and you will not need to replace it in the near future. However, since it is your first time to use eye glasses, you tend to be careless with them. You leave them just about anywhere. And after a few days of having them, you realize that your precious eye glasses already have scratches on the lenses. That is the disadvantage of choosing plastic lenses. You think of getting a new one but you do not have funds yet. Besides, the current one you are using is relatively new.

Do not worry because not all is lost. You can still keep your eye glasses and remove superficial scratches with some home remedies you can do by yourself. Note, however, that the procedure below will remove the anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings on the lenses. Remember that you had to shell out more money for these additional coatings. Thus, weigh your options and decide whether or not you are willing to throw away the money you spent on them in order to remove the scratches on your lenses. You should also check with your optometrist since your condition might specifically require an anti-glare coating.

Here are some easy steps for removing superficial scratches on the lenses of your eye glasses:

•    Get a white grease pencil, chamois cloth, glass etching product and wood polishing product.

•    Using the pencil, draw over the superficial scratches on the lenses. Make sure to fill in the scratches completely.

•    Using the chamois cloth, buff the lenses to remove any excess product.

•    Using a different part of your cloth, apply the glass etching product on the lenses. Allow the product to sit on the lenses for the prescribed duration.

•    Wash off the glass etching product on the lenses. As mentioned above, the product will remove the anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings on the lenses where most scratches are found. The plastic beneath the coating will not be affected.

•    Rub the wood polishing product on the lenses using another part of the cloth. Do this for around three minutes. You may use products like carnauba wax or Lemon Pledge.

•    Rinse the lenses and dry.

•    Reapplication once a week may be necessary.

•    Make sure to keep your eye glass in its case or wrap it in a cloth to avoid scratches on the lenses. Make it a habit not to leave it just about anywhere.

•    This is most appropriate for reading glasses as they are on and off all day long.

•    If it ain’t on your face put it in your case!


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